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Our Ideology

Our Ideology

  • We emphasize the importance of real-time feedback, so that our people continually improve their professional skills and enhance their personal brand. We also offer a wide variety of training and developmental opportunities so our people stay relevant in the marketplace and build their credentials and experiences.

  • We believe you can be both a great parent and a high-performing professional. Our programs, benefits and resources are designed to help working mothers and fathers meet the dual demands of family and career. The Corporate culture acknowledges the challenges and provides the flexibility and individualized career options to provide all of our people with a unique people experience.

  •   From the moment a professional comes on board, they are considered a part of the IdeaConsultancy and Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Family.  Even if they choose to leave the Company to explore other opportunities, we stay connected through our ever-growing alumni community network. We support our IdeaConsultancy and Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. alumni with virtual tools and resources, as well as networking opportunities to help them stay connected to us and their former colleagues.


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